Firstly, you will need register and verify your account. Then after logging-in, you can purchase or upgrade a package any time by clicking the appropriate button in the ‘dashboard’ page. The same can be done to have your company logo branded on our home page. Alternatively you can email us to help get your started

You must purchase a featured employer package in-order to this. From your employer dashboard page, click ‘brand your company in our homepage’.

A full breakdown of our product pricing can be found here

You can do this any time but clicking ‘upgrade’ next to your current package from the employers dashboard page or you can contact us

If you are purchasing your package online, you must provide the payment upfront (which can be converted to monthly/quarterly instalments afterwards through your credit card provider). However, if you would like to pay via bank transfer or would like to set-up payments in instalments via a different method, please email us and we’ll get in touch to help process your requirements

Once you have signed-up & purchased a job posting package, just log-on to your account and select ‘post a job’ from the top of the page to begin posting jobs.

This feature is currently unavailable. We hope to release this very soon!

You will be prompted to create your employer profile when you first log-on, after creating your user profile. You can come back to your employer profile to edit it any time by clicking the ‘profile’ tab from the top of the page.

In-order for your banner to show correctly and the way you would like it to, we recommend banners to be in this size; 1920 pixels by 350 pixels. If you continue to have issues in uploading your banner, please email us at for support

You cannot change the headings currently. This feature will be available in the near future.

You will be prompted to create your user profile when you first log-in to your account. You can come back to this any time by selecting ‘my profile’ from the drop-down list after clicking your name in the top right hand corner.

You can do this from your employer profile page. Just click the ‘profile’ tab and find the section titled ‘add members’. Here you can add an unlimited number of users. All you require is their name and email address. They will be prompted via email once you have created an account for them. You can also decide whether they should have admin access – allowing them to edit your employer profile page. For additional support on creating users, please email

Admin allows the user to create or edit your employer profile page. You can change the settings any time from the employer profile page.

You can only edit your employer profile if you have been granted admin access. The user who first set-up your employer profile will usually be responsible for assigning admin access. For further support, please email us at

Only users with admin access will be able to edit your employer profile. You can change their access anytime by clicking their details from the employer profile page. For further support, please email us at

When posting a job, you have options to set questions for job seekers to answer when applying for a job post, make the job post confidential, you can post the job for specific nationals only, you can forward job applicants to your inbox, you can set rewards or incentives for candidate referrals, and finally, you can create an auto-filter.

You can select up-to three different job roles and industries when posting a job, but also when creating your employer profile. The will copy the job post to each of the industry and job role pages.

By asking job seekers to apply on your company website, you will lose some of the key features such as viewing unique profiles, which have been designed in an easy-to-read format. You will also miss out on the employers applicant inbox, auto-filtering & auto-playing job applicants, all designed to help save you time & effort in screening & selecting candidates. You will also be unable to accept job referrals for any job post.

Making a job post confidential will hide your company name & the job posters details when a candidate views the job advert.

When posting a job, just check the box ‘forward CV’s to my inbox’. All job applicants will be forwarded to your inbox. If you have created an auto-filter, only candidates who satisfy the criteria will be forwarded. Please note, you will only be able to forward candidates to your own inbox and not to a different user’s email address. Once forwarded to your inbox, you can view the job seekers key information, such as name, job title, current company, current location, nationality, age, current salary, notice period, date of birth and gender. If the information looks of interest, you can continue by viewing the profile or downloading the CV directly.

Creating an auto-filter will move candidates to the rejected folder automatically based on criteria that you have set. This includes age, notice period, years in current role, total years of experience, gender, location, the option to hide previously rejected candidates & also the option to hide flagged candidates.

When posting a job, you can select questions for job seekers to answer, either from the drop-down list provided, or by creating your own.

Answers to questions set when posting a job will appear at the bottom of each job seeker’s profile.

Once you have created your job post, scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit ‘post job’. This will give you confirmation that your job has been posted successfully. The next page will provide you with social media links to Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Google+. Click any of the icons which will direct you to log-in to your page and then continue to share the job on social media. You can also share your team members jobs by locating the job post in the search results page. Hit ‘share’ from the list or within the job advert itself, which will bring up similar options to share on social media. You can also copy the unique URL and share this with candidates in your network or paste within social media groups.

After posting the job successfully, as well as sharing the job post on social media, you can list the job on SyrianTalent’s social media groups within Linkedin and Facebook – a great tool to raise awareness of your job post and increase traffic! Please note, you must be a member of these groups so you will need to gain approval to make listings. This can be done easily when visiting the page for the first time.

To edit information of a job post after you have already created it, just locate the job in your employer dashboard. On the far right of the title, you will see the option to ‘edit’. Click this to continue to the job advert to edit the information and then repost the job.

Yes you can. When you have created your job advert, scroll down to the bottom of the page, next to ‘post job’ you will see the option to ‘save draft’. The job role will show as ‘inactive’ in your employers dashboard. To activate the job post, just click into the title or ‘edit’ to post the job successfully.

You can close a job advert by clicking the title of the job post from your employers dashboard. Once the page has loaded, the option to close the job post will appear next to the job title on the right-hand side.

In-order to report a previous job, just click the job title of the job post from your employer dashboard. When the page has loaded, towards the right side of the job title, you will see the option to reopen the job post. Click this option to continue and repost your job. Please note, this will use up 1 credit each time you repost a job.

You can delate a job advert by clicking the title of the job post from your employers dashboard. Once the page has loaded, the option to delete the job post will appear next to the job title on the right-hand side.

After 24 hours, employers are unable to edit the job title of a job post, however, all other information can be edited. This is to avoid manipulation of the system. Only 1 job post credit can be used for 1 job vacancy. If you would like to create multiple postings, then you post either use another job post credit or purchase a new package.

In your employer job applicant inbox, you can further filter candidates using basic & advanced search filters. Basic filters include gender, nationality, age, current country, monthly salary, notice period, languages, years in current role, total experience, applied within and you can hide previously rejected candidates. Advanced search filters are Boolean enabled. You can search using key words in fields including job title, company, responsibilities, qualification, key skills, IT skills or generically search the entire profile. Advanced search filters give you the option to search within current, past or current & past fields.

This is a feature we love and is unique to! Just tick the boxes of the candidates you wish to view and like the look of in the employer applicant inbox. Then click ‘AUTOPLAY CV’ which will present a list of options. Click ‘autoplay’ and away you go! This will load each profile you have selected. As you decide to shortlist or reject, it will automatically bring up the next profile. Once you are finished, just refresh the page and all of the profiles will be sorted into the shortlisted & rejected folders, as you have assigned.

You can customize the list of job applicants in your employer inbox by selecting the ‘customize this list’ button at the top-right hand corner above the list of job seekers. You can click to show candidate name, job title, company, current country, years of experience, current monthly salary, nationality, age, gender, applied date and status. If you have chosen the option to accept candidate referrals, then an additional option to view ‘source’ will also appear.

You can message job applicants directly from your employers applicant inbox. Just select the candidates you want to message and hit ‘message’ from the top of the list. This will present you with pre-defined templates, or you can create your own.

You can send rejection notifications to job seekers in the rejected tab of your employer applicant inbox. Just select the ‘rejected’ tab to view the list of rejected job seekers (either moved by setting-up an auto-filter or moved by the user manually). Here you can highlight all the job seekers and send a rejection notification by clicking ‘message’ from the top of the list. Be sure to select the ‘rejection’ option from the template list. Please note, job seekers will only receive one rejection notification per job that they apply to.

From the employers dashboard page, you can view job posted by your team members.

You can view the job seeker’s history of interviews and job applications from the job seekers profile. Candidate history will appear under the job seeker’s personal information. Here you can view what job role they applied for, when and what status the job seeker reached (applied, rejected, interviewed, offered or hired).

You can add notes to the job seeker’s profile from the profile page itself. Just under personal information, you can add, edit or delete notes, which are all viewed and shared with your team members.

When viewing a job seeker’s profile, you can forward the profile to yourself or any other person with your company by scrolling down to the bottom of the profile and selecting ‘forward’.

You can save profiles by clicking the ‘save’ option on the job seeker’s profile, which is located below ‘personal information’ or at the bottom of the profile. Then select ‘saved profiles’ from the drop-down list after clicking your name in the top right-hand corner.

If you ‘flag’ a candidate, it will essentially block them from viewing your job posts and being able to apply. This is best used when you have a job seeker who is aimlessly applying for jobs without any relevance to his/her profile – essentially creating spam. Please note that ‘flag’ profile is set per user, and not per employer account, which means if you flag the profile, then the job seeker will still be able to apply to jobs posted by other users of your employer account. You can view and remove flags at any time by clicking ‘Flagged Profiles’ in the drop-down list that appears when clicking your name in the top-right hand corner after logging-in.

You can unblock job seekers at any time by clicking ‘flagged profiles’ from the drop-list after clicking your name in the top right-hand corner. From here, select the profile you would like to unblock and click the ‘unflag’ option.

If the job seeker has uploaded their CV on to their profile, you can view and download their CV which should appear under ‘personal information’ on the job seeker’s profile page.

Job seeker’s video will show just below the key information displayed at the top of the profile page. However, this will only show if the job seeker has uploaded a video introduction, otherwise the rest of the profile will follow as normal.

Employers can message their team members by going to the ‘message’ page located in the taskbar at the top of the page. Just locate your colleagues email address from the appropriate box. Then type your message and send.

You can view job seekers following you by clicking ‘followers’ from the drop-down list that appears after clicking your name in the top right-hand corner. You must be logged-in to your account in-order to do this.

Just click the ‘profile’ page from the taskbar at the top of the page when logging-in. Here you will have the option to view followers of your employer page. Click ‘followers’ to continue.

No, you must close the job and re-post it in-order for the job post to appear at the top of search results page. Please note however, every time you do this you will using-up 1 job posting credit.

SyrianTalent have partnered with job board aggregators to increase awareness of your job postings. These websites include Indeed, Trovit and CareerJet. We may chose to reduce or increase the number of job board aggregators we work with at any time, keeping in mind the benefit to our employers and job seekers.

This is subject to strict conditions being met which you can view from our terms & conditions page /terms-and-conditions

It will be sad to see you go! You can delete your user account from the ‘account settings’ page. This will appear from the drop-down list after clicking your name in the top right-hand corner. If you need to delete your employer account all together, you need to email us at

Job seekers who are referred will appear with a ‘people’ sign in the employers applicant inbox. This is used to differentiate referred candidates from direct candidates.